Admin button on user page is obscured on mobile

On a user page on desktop you are presented with these buttons:

And the options below

This is how the user page is laid out on mobile. There is no Admin wrench button anywhere to be seen.

You have to actually drag the icons in order to reveal the :wrench:

The two primary issues are

  1. inconsistency between desktop and mobile for no apparent reason.
  2. no indication the icons have horizontal scroll (and only reveal one more option, at least on my screen).

This is not just a theoretical UX issue. The other admin on my site couldn’t find the user/admin button here. I’m not sure if this area is actively being developed on but in it’s current state the UX can be improved.


This is something that affects all users. It can be quite difficult to notice that you can scroll the additional menu when you look at your preferences.

In desktop view, there are indicators:

Maybe those could be shown in mobile mode too.

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could be device and even theme dependent because I don’t need to scroll to see wrench. on my iPhone 15 pro max:

I agree that sideways scrolling is awkward, and not obvious unless there is an actual visible scroll bar. I tend to prefer drop-down selectors for menus to save real estate, but having too many of them has UI drawbacks too.


My Pixel 8 screen size big enough as well to not need to scroll. 1 friend his s24 shows 2 category Columns on mobile. Where I only get one on Air theme

I am wondering though if maybe admin/mod only buttons should maybe use a different color? Or maybe in this case maybe the

fa user-Shield might look better? Though iirc only admin)mod have wrenches… so maybe not needed.

I’m using the Air theme, and I can use CSS to fix it myself but I think it should be more intuitive regardless of what official theme I’m using or the size of my screen.

Additionally, it doesn’t make sense why the desktop has the full admin button and the mobile interface does not.


I think this is a design issue - unless the entire user settings interface is redesigned, there is no way to solve the problem of buttons being hidden behind tabs. After all, the device is only so wide, and it is impossible to fit so many buttons.

On my device, the tab is just long enough to leave the gear halfway open, which lets you know there are buttons behind it.

So I wonder if adding explicit arrows when the length is insufficient would make people more aware of the existence of the horizontal slider like this…