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@david concerning a bug mentioned by @awesomerobot in whispers:

I linked it to the presence plugin which is I think not expecting we could create a new topic when we are browsing a topic. And will then subscribe to a null channel to messageBus in this case here :

I think we shouldn’t try to subscribe to anything if action is not reply or edit. What do you think ?

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That sounds reasonable, there’s no need for any presence features on new topics.

The code has changed a lot since I wrote it, so I couldn’t say offhand where that change would need to be made. Longer term it would definitely be good to move a lot of this presence logic into message-bus as @sam mentioned a while ago

I think it should be quite subtle, so I prefer the current design. This is an extreme power user feature, not something we want to call a lot of extra attention to.

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I just pushed a commit which should largely improve the situation. Let me know what you think @sam


Looks so much better!


“Toggle whisper” is missing in the dropdown when I click the topic’s reply button. It’s only visible after clicking a post’s reply button. Is that intentional?


Should be fixed thanks!


Love the improvements!

BTW, here’s a PR for the suggestions on tab indexing (here implemented as index 8, after the ‘cancel’ focus) and adding :focus styling – Something like this would suit my needs as a keyboard user.


That was my first reaction.

I disagree. Replying privately to a public message seems like a fairly useful thing to do (but maybe we don’t want to encourage private conversation?), and the only way that I know to do that is with the :black_flag:.

And when I was teaching with Discourse, reply-as-linked-topic was very useful for people to start a new topic with their solution to the exercise.


Correct, we don’t want to do that.

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