Merged notifications always take you to the first response

When multiple replies are given to a post in a topic, its notifications become one. For example, the title of the notification is:


When we click on the notification, the topic opens and the first response related to the notification is displayed.

This creates problems in large and crowded topics. Sometimes a person may not want to read the 5,000 new and unread posts on the topic and may just want to read the replies that are relevant to him/her and answer them.

In such a situation, the user has to find the relevant posts among the new messages so that he can reply to them.

My first reaction to the topic title was: “…yes, that’s the point of merging them?”

But then I saw “5,000 new and unread posts on the topic” and I think I should direct you to the discussion here:

You can also see an un-merged view at /my/notifications/responses.


Thanks for the article you introduced. Jeff’s writings are always instructive. I realize that mega-topics cause a lot of problems. But it’s not just mega-topics that matter, another issue that is very important is the mega-users and I think they are largely out of focus. Users who use the forum a lot and are mostly online and active.

Many of our users spend an average of more than 4 hours a day reading and read more than 1,000 posts a day.

It must be difficult for them to every time read the page “/my/notifications/responses” and see their responses on different topics.

I wish a filter could be made on the topics. Like now you can see the topic summary or you can filter a user’s posts. For example, it could be filtered to display only the user’s posts with their responses. Or just posts with media or links and …

This way, when the user clicks on the multi-response notification, we will show him the filtered view of the topic.