"1 new or updated topic" on user's topic list page after straight after replying

I apologise if this has been covered before, I’ve looked but I have not seen this talked about. It has been happening since as long as I can remember.

  1. Read to bottom of topic
  2. Type a reply and as soon as you finish and click “Reply” immediately return to the main list of topics.
  3. The user is given the notification that there is a new/updated topic at the top.

  1. When user clicks that item the the topic list is refreshed but there are no new notifications next to any topic.

(also works when submitting a new topic)

I am using Chrome, and we are on the latest version of Discourse 1.4b3 (although it has happened consistently through several versions). As such I’m not sure it classifies as a “bug” but it can be confusing to users.


I’ve posted a lot, and on a lot of discourses… and have never seen that. (I’m also using Chrome)

How many people click on the list immediately after posting?

It’s a timing issue, and I don’t really think it’s worth fixing.

I’ve seen that more than I would like to in the past few months. This is even easier to reproduce when you close a topic and then go back to the topics list. The automated message that is posted on your behalf should not generate a notification.


I think it is worth fixing, but its a bit tricky to fix, after you reply we got to poison the “back” cache. But then … the issue is that we still got to maintain scroll position, so its tricky … cc @eviltrout

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I see it all the time because I open the topic in another tab. After I’ve posted a reply and closed the tab so that I’m back at the list, there’s the notification.

While it may be confusing, I consider it to be WAD (Working As Designed).

Here’s what I got after making that post …

Having nothing else unread, when I clicked on the notification I got …

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I do, every time. I answer a lot of topics, so the typical workflow is to enter a topic, read to the end, write and post a reply, hit the logo in the top left to go back to the topic list. Then get the “1 new or updated”, every time. :confused:


Aaaand just like that, I saw the flash here on meta after my last post. I don’t think I did anything different than what I’ve done in the past, but sure enough, I flashed myself.

Very late to this topic, but I came here to report the same behavior, which has been happening in Discourse as long as I’ve been using it.

I use the keyboard shortcuts, so it’s usually:

  1. Reply
  2. gh to go home
  3. (…wait for it…)
  4. “1 new or updated topic”

Only a mild annoyance, but surprising that this is still open after all these years…

It happends with Hub/iPad sometimes — perhaps every 10th time I write here. But because I’m not that active I didin’t react — it will disappear after some time anyway.

But… I’ve experienced it only here. Not on my own setup, or on any other forums where I’m doing something more than just lurking. So my very-uneducated-guess is it is related to load, rushtime, or anything else when happends too many things at same time. Ot it just happends sometime :wink:

There is possibility too that I’m just talking about similar, but totally different incident than everyone else.