New Tags Creation

If I wish to create a synonym to an existing tag, I first need to create some new topic to create that synonym. Then go to tags list and attach that synonym to my desired tag. And then come back and delete that post.

Is there a short way? Can’t we create a synonym to any existing tag, from the tags screen?


Hey @Bathinda, we’ve added this feature, it should be available when you update in a few hours/days (I don’t know the usual duration when a change is added to the branch main to automatically be added on test-passed) :v:


I upgraded something like an hour ago and I could create a synonym via tag.

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I’ll try to get some info about how and when a feature is added to test-passed (the default branch of Discourse installations), so in the future, I’ll comment when the feature is actually already available through the update, it will be more convenient. :slight_smile:

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That’s too kind of you. There is no need of this much care.
I’d update the site in routine and whenever the feature becomes available, its ok. This feature is not a ‘must-have’. Though it is of very convenience.

Thank you for listening.

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How the heck I got it :thinking: Or do I misunderstanding topic totally?

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Actually for forums that rely on tags it is really must-have :wink:

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The topic was about creating tags from a tag edit page, such as:

We could select existing tags but not create new ones from here.


I totally understood right then (tha’s… new :wink: )

Again: I can now.

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The issue was that we were not able to create tag from tags page. For that one MUST have created a new post and from there only he could create new tags.

Oh, I see. So both @canapin and I are wrong then. It is not matter of creating totally new tag as a synonym, but creating new tag via /tags. Am I now close(r)?

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Yes. We’re not able to create new tags from tags window. Whether a ‘standalone’ tag, or a tag for a ‘synonym’.


It’s live now.


I hope we can create new tags here, on this screen. That is we don’t need to create a new msg to create any new tag.

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Yes, exactly, this is what I’m showing after updating my test forum.
Notice the Create: ‘africa’ that appears when I type africa which didn’t exist previously.

Update your Discourse forum, and you’ll be able to create tags from the Add synonyms field :+1:

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No you aren’t. You are showing how to create a synonym. You still don’t have a tag named africa. You have a settings where given africa will change to afrique. If you will delete that synonym, you still don’t have tag africa. So, that is basically search & replace :wink:

I realliy like that new option to create synomy in the fly. But better would be ability to create new real tag at /tags.

And disclaimer: I upgraded an hour before you wrote that original comment. So, there is chance things are different now, and creating a synonym creates a tag and even if/when connection is removed there is two tags, not only the original one.

I misunderstood indeed. @Bathinda, currently the only ways to create tags I think are now:

  • From a topic creation or edition

  • From the tag groups page

  • From the synonym page

And you’d like to be able to create tags from /tags without having to create/edit a topic, create a tag group or a synonym.

I understand that :slight_smile:

This current topic was focused on synonyms and we added tags creation in this particular field, so I invite you to open a new feature topic if you want to propose such a feature :+1:

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If I’m not remembering totally wrong it has been requested. But there was some strange reason because it never happened and we should use CSV instead.

When I need to build up tags as a reserve I normally use some older topic or I’ll send a tagged PM to myself. And then I clean up taht topic right away and/or I’ll delete that PM.

But honestly — we are living year 2023 now and such tricks are just… lame :wink: On other hand I understand point of view where we should not use unused tags.

I didn’t understand. Really I tried.
On one side you say I can create a new tag from the ‘tags group’ and ‘synonym’ page.

And on the other side you’re saying that (since) the current topic was focused on synonyms (and so you didn’t pay attention to this requirement) and for this feature I’d need to create a request on ‘feature’ topic:

Indeed, I didn’t see any way to create a new tag (on tag edit page) anyway, except on a new msg creation box.

#Edit1 : I was able to create a new, empty/blank tag from the tags group screen. Its what we wanted. Thanks for implementing.


That’s true. Almost splendid indeed :wink: The best situaton would be ability to create new tag directly at /tags. But because I’m using groups (for better UX) that fullfills my needs totally. Thanks CDCK!