Message gets replied by the post above

How can a post gets replied by previous post?
Note that the reply is an edited post.

Sorry, I do not understand what you are asking?

I believe that logically, a post is replied by other posts after it (although quoting previous post is okay.).

However, this post is replied by the one above

Post 146

Tapping the “down” arrow (the reply) leads to post 139.
Thus, it means that post 139 is a reply to post 146.

Post 139

Notice that Post 139 is edited, and a quote from Post 146 is added.
My point is, is it intentional?

My guess is you’re referring to automatic suppression of reply metadata when there is a single reply, and that reply is directly under the thing it is replying to, without quotes. That’s how it works in Discourse, though there is a site setting if you want a lot of metadata noise in replies.

No. Instead, the reply is above the thing it’s replying to.
Based on the image, the reply is post 139, replying to post 146

I’ll try to simulate it here.

I’m adding post 1.

This is the original post.


There should be a part that I quoted a post below, but somehow got reversed post - delete

I’m replying to the post above by clicking reply button

I would imagine so. You can edit a post and quote from any message.

So I think what happened is that a post was written and conversation continued and then the person edited their post quoting from a post that happened after it.


It’s not really what you would expect someone to do, but they could!


If the edited text can be considered as a reply to the quoted post, I guess it’s a feature then…

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So you are referring to out of order replies here? Like someone goes into an old post and edits a quote to a future (downstream) reply into it?

That is possible, but it’s definitely a no-no :wink:

It is like they want to invent a time travel machine! :mantelpiece_clock: