Message 'receiver' not in view until they reply


When sending a message to someone, the interface only shows the subject line, not the receiver.

That had me stymied for a bit, until i mailed ‘myself’ (other account) and realised the user doesn’t appear until they reply. While that makes sense in the ‘forum section’, it doesn’t really make sense in the message section: it doesn’t provide any information. Finding a message back means you have to open them until you get the right one.

i know what my work-around is going to be (use the @name in the subject line), but a message typically has a specific recipient. Can this be reflected on the screen?


on a sidenote: people are replying to those messages via email, which i’m sure is very convenient to them - but not so much for me. is there a setting to prevent that? thanks!


Replies via email should arrive as normal Discourse replies, provided you’ve configured incoming email support, or are hosted by us. Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean?

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Then I must have my settings wrong, because replies show up in my email inbox, but not in my discourse-messages.

Where would I adjust this?


See Set up Reply via Email Support ✉


It works! Thanks for your help!!