MessageBus::InvalidMessageTarget (MessageBus::InvalidMessageTarget)

When trying to create a new topic in a specific category, I get a 500 error. It seems to be specific to this category, since I can create a topic without problems in other categories.
Investigating lead me to MessageBus::InvalidMessageTarget (MessageBus::InvalidMessageTarget)

I tracked it down to lib/models/user_action.rb (line 293).
On line 265 of the same file is a todo:

TODO there are conditions when this is called and user_id was already rolled back and is invalid.

I think this is what is causing problems for me. Could you shine some light on how this might happen, and how I could circumvent it?

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Looks like you have a category that is restricted but no groups are found.

My guess is that to reproduce you would allow a particular group access to a category and then you would delete the group.

Workaround is to fix permission on the category, there is also a simple code level fix we can make here.

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This should be properly fixed per:

But I am not sure if we will merge it for a week or 2.