Cannot Create New Topics

After updating to latest yesterday my users cannot create topics anymore. They get the following error: An error occurred: You supplied invalid parameters to the request: Category not allowed for topic creation. Nothing has changed, they have permissions to the category. I am able to repro this in safe mode as well.

I see the following in the console:

Nothing relevant in the logs. Any ideas?

Is this happening in one category or all of them?

I saw the topic about it on your forum (I tried to join but no button lol). It seems users can create a topic in the editor but the create topic button fails when they post it. :thinking:

Okay, this is interesting. If I go straight to /new-topic the category dropdown only shows the categories they can successfully post in, even though the security settings are the same. Note all the categories in image critiques are missing.

hmmm :thinking: have you checked the Full_Member group settings?

I don’t think that’s it. One of the other categories that they can post in has the same settings, and I did verify that I can post in this category with a normal non-admin account. This is really bizarre.

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I believe I’ve found the issue. It’s a bug in the Custom Wizard Plugin. I’m working with Pavilion to get this fixed. Strange that it still happened in safe mode, but it must go deeper than what safe mode can do. Thank you for your help Lilly.

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I’m glad you may have located the issue and Pavilion is helping. Good Luck. :slight_smile:

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Maybe make sure that GitHub - paviliondev/discourse-category-lockdown: Set all topics in a category to redirect, unless a member of specified groups isn’t to blame.

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