Messages not visible in sidebar if messages are disabled

Hi everyone,

I’m unsure if this is a bug or a misconfiguration with my Discourse instance.

This is the case,

When personal message-enabled groups are set to admins, everything works fine and admins can start a private message to users.

But when a message is sent to the user, he will only be notified by the top bar, but the ‘messages’ are not displayed in their sidebar.

While the admins have one:

Is this a bug or designed to show it like this?

Please advice and thanks for taking the time to read this topic.


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I think that sounds like how they worked pre-sidebar/pre-enabled_groups setting. With PM’s disabled for non-staff users a user would get a notification, but no access to the message tabs in their menu or user page (though they could still access them directly if they knew the address).

Though I think it works slightly differently now for the similar direct_message_enabled_groups, so this may be something to marry up and make more consistent. :thinking:


I think that’s reasonable grounds to revisit this, but the messages UI comes with more complexity right now (with it’s inbox, sent, etc). And you can close a direct message to remove it from your sidebar, whereas that’s not something you can do with messages.

Agree this is a bit of an odd duck, but we may let it sit for a bit before we dig into making any changes here.


Thanks for checking it out.

I appreciated your feedback on my report here.

Some of my users find it really confusing; after reading the private message they are unable to locate their PMs; despite their inability to send new PMs. Hopefully this can be changed to something more clearer for our users sometime =)