"Meta Branded" theme new background


I’m unconvinced with the new yellowish background for the Meta Branded theme.
It’s a little too vivid (It hurts the eyes, to be honest), IMO. It’s hard to keep looking at the page (my screen luminosity is already very low) without feeling uncomfortable. (Maybe it’s just me, though!)

The previous blue color provided a good contrast[1] with the content (even though it was a bit too visually sticky to the eye but overall solid).



PC (desktop)



  1. Except for the banner buttons. Now that the reverse, it stands out too much, I think. ↩︎


I’ve adjusted it to a lighter blue, the dark blue was causing some text contrast issues on the homepage since the jobs banner is pushing down the search box.


It’s much better! :smile: You’re right; the dark blue was an accessibility issue.

You might need to adjust alert-info:

I think it looks very good when the window size is standard:

I’m less convinced on a large screen because there is a lot of vivid light blue. (I’m wondering if having more bubbles on a large screen would help to avoid having too much blue area (?) :thinking:)

I might prefer, in this context, to use one tone above to make it visually comfortable (and the bubbles looks better too IMO) :thinking:

At the very least, blue is a good choice instead of yellowish; thanks for that. :+1:

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Its weird for me. I’m using wcag dark colour scheme.

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I’ve replaced this with a variable, so it should be much better on page refresh now


Looks great now - thanks! :wink:

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