We have a new default theme here on Meta! 🎉

Hold onto your hats everybody… We have a new extra-special theme just for us! :partying_face:

Our designer-in-chief @jordan-vidrine has been hard at work creating a bespoke look for our community here on meta and we have just pressed the button to make it our new default. :rocket: :slight_smile:

If it hasn’t magically swopped over for you, you can find it in the theme selector at the bottom of your sidebar:

Try it out and let us know what you think. :discourse2: :slight_smile:

:bug: To better organise the bug/ux reports for this (and to try out the new Form Templates feature :slight_smile:) we now have the theme feedback subcategory to add the issues to. If you spot something awry please create a topic in there. :eyes: :memo:


This theme is awesome! It’s very much in line with meta’s style and is truly beautiful! :star_struck:

I really like the rounded buttons, they are awesome.


Wow! I was under the impression that it appeared different on my mobile devices, but I couldn’t be certain haha!

It looks amazing, perhaps we will witness something similar in the future, allowing us to have a similar design on our own forum.

It’s very sleek!


Already liking the design refresh. A much needed UX revamp is finally here :tada:


How can we get this theme ?

After reading a few topics, I can say on a large 32" screen; the background is honestly too distracting for me—especially the yellow spot. Because it’s not uniform and it takes a lot of space behind, it’s very eye-catching. Maybe I need to get used to it, though – will see in a few days! :slight_smile:


This theme fits and represents Meta so well, it might just be perfect. Looks just like the site https://discourse.org but now on the forum!


So first of all: I think it’s great that meta is getting a bit of a refresh!

A few nitpicks, though:

  • As mentioned by others, the background is a bit distracting at the moment and the page doesn’t render correctly on the left if the sidebar menu is collapsed
  • I think the content area could be a bit wider on desktop screens (maybe 50px on each side)
  • I would prefer to have the personal menu/profile icon aligned with the central content block on the right
  • In general I would prefer to also have the sidebar menu aligned with the content in some way; however the new theme also reinforces my opinion that the sidebar menu in general feels like it doesn’t really fit in well UX-wise. So potentially simple alignment wouldn’t completely resolve my issues with it.

Here on meta, you can select it from the theme selector at the bottom of your sidebar.

For your own site… you can’t. It’s one just for us. :slight_smile:


@jordan-vidrine is nothing short of a wizard :mage: Great job on the new theme!


Most of the new theme looks great and is a definite upgrade on the old.

My only aesthetic concern is this section, where the lines and blobs don’t make any sense to me, and the background is generally too “in your face” and busy:


Is there a light version of the WCAG color scheme too?



I found one in the colour palettes and have ticked it to be user selectable. It may have been unticked for a reason though, so I’ll look into it more. :eyes:

The welcome sign should disappear after authorization. It takes up useful space.


Air Theme or based on it

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Just to add a note here as well as in the OP…

To gather and organise any issues for this new theme, we now have the theme feedback subcategory to make bug/ux reports in. :tada: (it also uses the new Form Templates feature too :memo: :slight_smile:).

If you see something, please create a topic in there. :+1: (also, if you’ve made a report in this topic already feel free to resubmit it in the subcategory. I’ll eventually slide them all over, but if you get there first then that’s fine by me :slight_smile:)

And thanks for all the feedback so far. Keep it coming. :clap: :slight_smile:


Are the home search bar and links below it (customize, guides…) part of the theme itself or theme components?

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This is not the best search location. It is better to use this component. It does not take up free space and is located where it should be

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Gotta say the the background texture and blobs are distracting and seem unrelated to the Discourse software and content presented here on the forum.