Meta Casa Blanca!

So I just noticed I get a blank page when trying to access this site using Safari v14.0.3 on macOS Big Sur v11.2.

Other Discourse sites I use, including my own are loading fine in Safari. I’ve tried disabling all Safari extensions and restarting but no dice. It’s working okay in Firefox which I’m using to post this topic. Any idea on what’s causing this issue guys?

Hi @Wseries thanks for reporting this. If you right click, inspect element, then go to the console - are there any errors shown?

Yes lots of errors. All along the lines of “Failed to load resource: The network connection was lost.”

I turned off my Little Snitch network filter and the errors are now saying “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: define”


Another restart seems to have done something because it’s working again now. Probably something local on my machine. Please disregard.


Glad it’s working! It is interesting that you saw this issue around the same time as @Overgrow is seeing similar behaviour over in this topic: Opening a link in new tab on iPad with Chrome does not load the page - #6 by Overgrow

I wonder if we have some kind of caching issue which is causing this to happen… and then when the cache is reloaded things start working again :thinking:

I’ll close this out, and we can keep tracking in the other topic.