Using sidebar nav to actually navigate from homepage blocks scrolling

Just noticed the new nav on meta, and after the sidebar is dismissed I can’t scroll the page anymore.

Latest iOS using the Discourse app.

I’m trying to scroll the page at the end:


Hmm no luck with a repro, is this consistent? Does it also happening in safari ?

Discourse app, Chrome, and Safari are all consistently blocking scrolling on my iPhone 8p.

What iOS do you have installed?

iOS 12.1

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Confirmed repro here, your video is a perfect repro

Thanks heaps for reporting, we will get it fixed


Is this within the app? No repro in regular Mobile Safari at all

I repro in safari, follow the video exactly, open hamburger on home page, click users

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Aha so specific to users page. I’ll edit title.

All pages for me so far: Latest, Top, Users, Tags…

Edit: Just links in the first and last nav categories. Clicking a topic link doesn’t cause this issue

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Oh wow you’re right. So the key is navigating from the home page. Pretty bad. This one is kind of urgent @featheredtoast first thing Monday please.


Thanks for bringing this up - fixed via


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