Micro-improvement: Date range pickers

Apart from it not having labeled which is the start date and end date, the date range picker consistently fights you if the current evaluation of the end date would predate the start date, or if it is in the future. But as year comes last, it doesn’t even know if that actually is the case! Let’s try entering a range from 12/12/2023 to 12/31/2023 with current date:

  • entering 12/… in the second box is disallowed because it’s in the future?
  • Going to change the year completely resets the second box mid-typing because ???

The solution for this would be to simply stop evaluating the dates against each other, or the current date, and let the user input whatever (valid) date in either box. Which box is the start and which is the end doesn’t need to bear any significance, and if a date is in the future, it can just be clamped to “today” later (once the data is being refreshed).