Feedback: Great user interface improvements for the date range picker for dashboard reports

Hi @codinghorror, @joffreyjaffeux and the whole Discourse team,

I wanted to thank you very much, in retrospective, for the great improvements you made to the date range picker at “Admin » Dashboard » Reports” within one of the recent releases since we originally reported a minor flaw with it.

We are currently running 2.7.0.beta8 and are very pleased with the improved UI design and mechanics. Editing a date range now works very well in both situations a) when picking a date by graphical means as well as b) when using the keyboard. This is an excellent implementation!

Thanks again and keep up the good work,

P.S.: I am continuously amazed that, after all this hard and paramount work on Discourse, you always keep listening to user’s wishes, even on a minor issue like this one. Improving this end of the software very much outlines the attention and passion you are still pouring into every detail of Discourse.

Note: Because the topic at Admin » Dashboard » Reports: User interface improvements for the datetime picker is closed already, I am writing to you creating a new one. Feel free to merge the post into the original topic and delete this post (and this very comment) afterwards.


I believe this is using the native OS date picker, which is a relatively new feature supported by browsers. @joffreyjaffeux can confirm.

We do absolutely want to use the native OS pickers for dates, times, and other such data wherever we can!


Yes at the heart this is the native picker, but there’s also been various updates on this page concerning charts and also improving compatibility of this native picker with our existing UI.