Microsoft Edge css/styling issue with menu items on this page:[username]/activity

I spotted what would probably be classed as a low priority styling css/style bug with Microsoft Edge. The exact url it appears on is: Profile - gerardmccann - The Club. As you can see in the attached screenshot, Chrome and Firefox do not have the css/style issue, it’s just on Microsoft Edge.

Thanks, Gerard

Works fine for me on Edge

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Thanks @zogstrip. I thought it interesting there were no issues for you. Therefore I performed some more testing, which appears to confirm the ‘broken’ styles only occurs for logged in users viewing their own page. For example, I can view this page and my view of it does NOT have the styling issue: Profile - kimberley - The Club. Moreover, when I sign out my own page looks like in your screenshot, i.e. no styling issues. However, when I sign back in, I get the original ‘brokwn’ styles.

Can anyone else confirm if this is the case for them? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Highly likely a bug due to the custom theme. Have you tried while logged in but in safe mode?

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Hadn’t tried that, so great suggestion…

Unfortunately it’s happening there as well. Evidence:


Thanks, I can reproduce here as well.

@awesomerobot can you have a look?


This should be now fixed, thanks for the report @mccannger!