Microsoft Edge won't render page properly after changing theme in user settings

I can’t find any information about this, and perhaps I’m doing something wrong and this is not a bug but a config issue.

I go to my user preferences page, click on interface, and select a different theme.
Then the layout looks broken, like it’s not loading the css.
Console says: SEC7113: CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch
I’m using the standard Docker container.

Any advice appreciated.

I cannot repro this with Meta on Edge. @discourseuser100, are you able to reproduce this on either or


thanks for the quick response…
No it seems it works fine on meta.

Then it’s something specific to your site, or your theme.

ok, sure…
I thought it might be something to do with a custom theme, so I’ve just tested with the default unchanged Light and Dark themes, and it’s doing the same thing.
Nothing else unusual except the Alternative Logos component, but this is not being used by the default themes.
I’m not sure what to check next.

it’s like the browser is trying to load something and Edge is returning an error page.

Experiencing the same behaviour here.

  • with edge only.
  • same warning on the console
    SEC7113: Das CSS wurde aufgrund eines MIME-Typenkonflikts ignoriert.
  • after choosing the new theme from the dropdown menu, there is a little lag an then comes a reload and all is broken. After a reload everything is fine again. If you manage to klick save before the reload takes effekt, you have your new theme.

We use the standard themes with hell, dark and light choosable and with DiscoTOC. Our Version is 2.4.0.beta10.
Our users cannot change their E-Mail addresses. They cannot choose their own locale. Username change period is set to 0. Users cannot set their own primary group. They cannot enable mailinglist mode.

This was reported by a User and we can reproduce the behaviour.

Since everything is okay upon reload, it is surely not urgent :wink:

Are you using the newly released version of Microsoft Edge?

Browser information (such as the version number) would be appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Found it :slight_smile:
Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

Update Microsoft Edge to the latest version available.
Take a look at the image below.

There are a few ways you can update Microsoft Edge.

  1. Update it through Windows Update
  2. Download the latest version VIA the link I put in my previous post

finally found time for the update (it had to be the manual installation, updating brought only a newer build of the old edge):

yey, the new edge works fine with theme choosing! :partying_face:


Hah, I knew it! :smiley:

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