Migrate Microsoft Teams Threads to Discourse Posts

I had a need to migrate select chat threads from Microsoft Teams to Discourse and present them as forum posts. I wasn’t finding a plugin that performed this task for me, and again, I wanted to manually trigger per thread that should be pushed.

Attached is a walkthrough I did on my blog that uses Power Automate to capture a thread via a Keyword and then push into our Discourse environment. This sends the thread into a ‘sanitization’ category in our Discourse for our admin to filter any customer data and then present as quickie KBs.

If this type of post isn’t allowed, apologies.


Very interesting! It’s usually not feasible to do a large-scale migration via the API because it’s slow (and will usually need to be made even slower if you can’t figure out how to get around rate limits), but this seems like a good solution for small imports like yours!

Thanks for sharing!

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Definitely agree it’s not a large scale solution, but pretty neat the API offers the ability to do this. I’m brand new to administrating Discourse, but powerful stuff!

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