Migrating image database from old (nodechef) forum?

I recently moved from Nodechef (thank god) to DigitialOcean. However, users’ old image uploads are still located at Nodechef (example), and as soon as my subscription to them runs out, these images will probably be deleted. However, as Nodechef is a hosted solution I know of no way to bring the uploaded image database to my new setup.

Should add neither are hosted via S3 but on the sites themselves.

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Have you spoken to their support?

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I’ve sent them two support tickets, but they haven’t gotten back to me in two days; sadly their support is pretty awful. One of the main reasons I left.

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Were you able to take a backup which included attachments?

Yes, however when I right click and click “open image in new tab” it links back to the image under nodechef.com.

No, that host where your image is at, is an S3 server.

They probably used global configuration (outside of your Site Settings) to configure it.
That probably means that the images are not included in your backup.

If the images ARE included in your backup then a global search and replace (using the discourse remap command) will suffice. But when I try to access it (I googled for your forum) then it is clear that the image is not hosted locally as well.

(BTW your SSL cert does not cover www but that’s how you’re in Google, so that yields a big nasty certificate warning).

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should be fixed now. only didn’t work via tor /w the www before for me, works now on chrome, edge and tor.

thankfully most of our resources (e.g. avatars, header images et. al.) were stored in the backup. only thing missing are user-uploaded images and videos.

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