All images went broken after server migration

This is how I did migration:

Did the he forum appear to work before you restored the backup?

You have images stored locally and not in S3?

Does either site have a cdn?

If you click the wrench on a topic and rebuild html does it fix the images?

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  1. My images was locally (default state)

  2. I was not using any CDN.

  3. Tried rebuild and rebake as well but didn’t helped at all.

I was using S3 only for backup purpose. But for the sake migration in lowest possible cost, I created a local backup which I did scp. I have done similar and it used to work not sure what wrong this time happened.

Is it all images or just things that need to be resized like avatars?

You did a full backup with uploads, or did you try to move the uploads separately?

I did full backup.

One thing I want to bring in to your attention that even after migration, the newest Topic posted in past 24 hrs are appearing as broken until I do rebuild html.

After migration, it looks like setup has broken at some extend

An example of how it looks broken at new Topic

At old post sadly images are totally broken, I cannot even click on it. Ref: [Guide] How to Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin? - WordPress - GulshanForum ★ Digital Marketing Forum for Bloggers