Migration from FluxBB while preserving incoming links

Hello everyone,

I’m planning a migration of an existing community (macscripter.net - Mac OS Automation discussions) hosted with FluxBB to Discourse. This article looks promising in terms of migrating the data. Its going to be a big job as I have over 30,000 users, and 120K posts but it seems doable.

However, I want to preserve all the incoming links. macscripter.net is a significant reference for the Apple automation community. We’ve got almost 20 years of posts with a lot of references to the site appearing on other sites and in mailing list archives which I don’t want to break.

I’m looking for a way to translating incoming FluxBB post links to corresponding Discourse posts? I don’t see any way to accomplish this with stock Discourse so I’m presuming I’ll need to create some sort of plugin that responds to FluxBB’s /viewtopic.php?id=##### links and redirects to the appropriate Discourse link. If anyone else has experience solving this kind of problem, I would love to hear how you approached it.

I appreciate any suggestions.


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Most import scripts create permalinks that handle the redirects. I don’t know offhand if they one does. If not, you can look at one of the others for example code.