Excerpts are being poisoned by onebox URL's on Post Rebuild

This should potentially be in #bug but will discuss first.

I’ve noticed that on rebuilding the first post in a Topic, a oneboxed link is being added to the Topic excerpt (which is affecting any Theme/Component which uses Topic List excerpts).

It doesn’t do this on first creation I believe, so why should it happen on a rebuild?

This looks like a bug or at least undesirable behaviour?

  1. A rebuild should have the identical behaviour as the original creation?
  2. The link if entered into the title is displayed on the topic list, so adding it to the excerpt introduces unnecessary duplication.
  3. Including raw URL’s in excerpts looks ugly in any case.


Prerequisites: make sure you are exposing excerpts in the Topic List.

  1. Create a new Topic by adding a URL you know will produce a one box into the Title

  2. Wait for the preview to appear.

  3. You should NOT notice the Onebox link in the Topic List Excerpt text.

  4. Using the wrench, rebuild the Post.

  5. You will now see the Onebox link appearing in the Excerpt.

OK I’ve gone and added code to Topic List Previews to hide links in excerpts. See:

Note that PrettyText options seem to only remove a link but not the text of the link, so I’ve done this almost by brute force.