Minimum requirements to use Discourse?

I did not find the minimum system requirement.

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I’m assuming you’re looking for the minimum system requirements to install Discourse on a server. See for details.

If you’re instead looking for the minimum system requirements to access an existing Discourse site, see What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


Ok thanks. Do you know if the 14 day trial includes migration from xenforo 2.x to discourse?

what happen if after the 14 days I am not happy with the service?
You will allow give me my database and files to install everything on my own vps?

Migrations are $3600, one year of business hosting.


Too much sir :frowning:
Now now I want to be alone with xenforo lol

That’s the cost for official hosting. There are other options, check out #marketplace.


What would be the minimum storage space required to run discourse? I understand that its based on user activity in the server. But do you have an idea how much a small community might require in the beginning stages?

By way of calibration, I have two small forums:

Smaller forum runs with 10G used of a 19G disk, backups are 200M each, 2000 posts in 200 topics, 30 users. That’s a little under 2 years of activity.

Larger forum runs with 16G used of a 25G disk, backups are 700M each, 8000 posts in 1000 topics, 300 users. That’s a little over 2 years of activity.


Are there many attachments?
Mine has 2.5k topics, 26.1k posts, 5.3k users and backup is 128MB (60MB are attachments).


Good point. A no-uploads backup is just 135M, compared to 700M, so there are evidently a lot of attachments (photos, I suppose.)


Thanks for the reply @Ed_S , the details you have shared gives a better picture on what to expect. This will be really helpful for us to estimate our requirements :slightly_smiling_face:.

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