Minimum server size based on backup?

If a discourse backup is 15gb, how large should the server be set for? Whats a minimum that should be used?

Is that a backup with or without uploads? If without, a good rule of thumb is to make as much as possible of your database for in RAM. Iā€™d recommend at least an 8GB RAM server.


With uploads. I wanted to move it over to a new server but its been a little slower recently so seeing if I could save some space. Currently 4vcpus, 8gb ram and 160gb disc space.

Try to check the size without uploads and then move to one where most of it fits in RAM.

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Ok yeah its only 400mb without uploads.

In that case the current server should be plenty fast for your needs!

To get it even faster, see about Running Ruby 3.2ā€™s YJIT in Production at Discourse and Enable a CDN for your Discourse.


Thanks! Will definitely try it out!

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