Server requirements and advice

Hi there and thank you for everything!
Unfortunately my budget is limited these days so I need some advice for the first few months with Discourse.

I have a VPS (1 core, 2GB ram) and have few Wordpress websites already installed on it.
My average load on the server is around 13%.
My ram use average(and pick) is around 600-800MB.
My swap use is 300MB.
10GB free space SSD

My questions are:

  1. Do I have enough resources for installing Discourse on my server, at least for starting and building a community?
  2. Is transferring Discourse from my VPS to a new VPS in the future considered complicated?

Thank you very much

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Welcome to the community :wink:

A simple back-up and restore. :grin:

  • The default of 1 GB RAM works fine for small Discourse communities. Discourse recommend 2 GB RAM for larger communities.

Thank you for your answers.
Can you define small/larger communities? or maybe it’s more accurate to ask how many users simultaneously can use the discourse?

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The usual recommendation is to start with a small server and increase your server resources if needed, as it is pretty easy to do so.


Yeah but in my case I have to change servers after some time and I can’t upgrade… so i guess their is no answer to the question around how many connections a vps (1core, 2 ram) can handle?

Anyways just FYI all I started amazon lightsail and it works great (for now… :crossed_fingers:)
Just don’t forget to open port 443 for https…


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