Mirrored topics from mailing lists are automatically flagged after upgrade

After upgrading yesterday (fa52ed3b16), we noticed that new topics arriving via the mailing lists we are mirroring are now being automatically flagged (for example, [Wikimedia Education] Open Education Southern Symposium - July 16-17, 2020 - Education List - Wikimedia Space). Admins do not get any notice of a flag and we are unable to respond to a flag, the topic just appears to us as if it’s unlisted. However, even after listing the topic manually, regular logged-in users and anonymous users still see that the topic has been hidden by flags.


I am just seeing this at Discourse 2.4.0.beta8 Release Notes

Hide posts from incoming email based on dmarc verdict

Maybe related?


Any idea on this @leomca?

If this is indeed related to automatic filtering of incoming email, I would suggest these two improvements:

  • No matter what, allow moderators to unflag posts manually.
  • When a category is in mailing list mode, skip this automatic filtering and let the mirroring prevail even at the risk of getting spam published in the original mailing list.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I just pushed a fix.


Thanks for jumping on this @gerhard, I had indeed forgotten about the mailing list mirroring.

It’s odd that this happens though, does this mean a hidden post is different from an unlisted post (despite them both appearing the same in the UI - at least to an admin)? I suppose this won’t be a problem once I make these hidden topics from incoming emails proper reviewable queued posts.