Missing Custom Header Links after update


I am using this

But after update (10 minutes ago) the links are missing (not showing)

They added a locale attribute to the links. This means a link with an “en” tag won’t appear if the current user’s language is “fr”, for example.

Though, if you don’t provide a locale, it should show them by default. There is a bug here.

An immediate fix would be to add ,en to your links in the settings.


Thanks, after adding (workaround) it is working fine again:

Links are back:

Note: I don’t know if I should flag this as a Solution (?) or leave it “Unsolved”, as problem will show to those who not apply this workaround.

Also, i know i should have read all documentation of the component, and added “, en”… :frowning:

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It’s still a bug. I’ve made a PR to fix it:


Approved & merged :+1: