Missing preview and toolbar when messaging a user via Admin Preferences

Continuing the discussion from Composing a message while on a user's preference page does not work:

Repro steps:

  1. Be logged in as admin
  2. In a user’s profile, click Preferences, then Message

The toolbar will be empty, and the preview doesn’t work.

Sending the message works, as @zogstrip can confirm.

Should the “Message” button be displayed at all in that quasi-impersonating Preferences page? The UI there has always confused me a bit, but I do understand it simply accesses the user’s preferences as if I were logged in as them; though I had never clicked on Impersonate.

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That toolbar should not be white. It’s a standard personal message, so you should have access to the toolbar. Will fix it tomorrow :wink:


Here’s the fix :watermelon: