Missing scroll bar slider, in Finnish Localization

Our Tappara.co instance is missing the scroll bar slider, but the functionality works. So a minor UI glitch. This is seen on up to date iOS Safaris and Android Chromes.

Here at Meta the slider is there as expected. Is there a fix roling our way?

You might try Discourse Safe Mode to see if it’s an issue with a theme you installed.

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Tried and reproed before making this report.

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Gotcha! This is an FI localization issue.

Slider disappears in November (marraskuu) but reappears when you scroll back to October (lokakuu).

Ping @Dax


This is fixed in the PR


That fix was deployed on our instance and is now verified by several users of ours, on different devices and browsers. :+1: Ping @simon

@dax the long month names of FI locale are still causing minor layout issues

in the slider view.


We noticed that issue earlier today. It will get fixed soon.

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