Missing {{sentTo}} value


Lähetimme uuden vahvistusviestin sinulle osoitteeseen [missing {{sentTo}} value]. Viestin saapumisessa voi kestää muutama minuutti, muista tarkastaa myös roskapostikansio.

A (wannabe) user contacted the admins on my forum. They had received this message (fi-locale) after asking for new confirmation email to be sent (as it was previously not sent). I take it something is broken.

The user is currently unconfirmed, but it has the email set up right.


I just checked. This user has not been sent any mail, even though I clicked the admin link to send them password renewal link. Tried sending test mail, that went through, but no other mail is registered even though the profile was created…

(Gerhard Schlager) #4

It’s a problem with the Finnish translation. The English text uses the {{currentEmail}} placeholder, not {{sentTo}}. You should fix it on Transifex.

(rizka) #5

You are right @gerhard . I fixed it.