Is there a way to speed up corrections?

I am an active translator of Discourse. There is a big error on one of the translations. And it is a critical one that as an admin I see multiple of times a day, in the footer of every email. I wanted to fix it, and added a minus to current translation and added another option. But nothing is happening for weeks/months. Every time I got an email from my site, I feel helpless. Is there a way I can effect this?

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Which string, which language? Did you correct it on Crowdin? Usually translations on the tests-passed branch are updated every Tuesday.

This string in Turkish. To correct it I clicked ‘minus’ sign next to it. And added 2 other options below.

And I do not know if it is directly related to translations, but: if this email is coming from “system”, the %{participants} parameter is empty. And that causes a weird state in Turkish. Although it does not in English. Is it a bug that it is coming empty or should we take this possibility in the translation. If it is the latter one my proposals will not be ok.

That string was already approved, so your suggestions weren’t used. I’ve removed the approval. Please make sure that the correct string is now used on Crowdin.

I’m not sure about that. The sentence would look weird in English as well if there are not participants. :thinking: This is what it would look like if participants is empty. Are you sure that’s happening?

Visit Message to respond to .

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Thank you for the help. I did not use %{participants} part in Turkish translation. So it will be like “Visit message to respond.” And I guess it is enough, because it is in the footer of an email and it is for the link only.