Missing some notification emails?


A user of mine has mentioned that they are not consistently receiving replies to their own posts, i.e. some replies get emailed, and some don’t. I’ve checked their settings and they are watching the category, and Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic is set to always. I checked the email log and the missing replies have not been sent. The users involved are not being ignored or muted.

Any suggestions for what I should look at next to figure out why this is happening?



Emails are only sent if the users web browser has not pinged the server in the last 10 minutes. This is the default unless the user has said otherwise in their mail prefs.

I thought about that as well but they swear they weren’t logged in. Though I do wonder if maybe they the site open on another computer or something…

Anything else that would be worth checking if this comes up again?

I have a separate post here where I’ve provided a screenshot showing users who haven’t logged in for a couple of weeks and the Last Emailed column is also that long, even though they have set emails to be sent daily. I have no idea why these emails are not going out.

Unfortunately, since I posted this thread earlier this week (I added the aforementioned screenshot yesterday) I haven’t reviewed any reply, so I’m still in the dark.

Just to add to this, here’s the other thread I mentioned, with the screenshot I can’t explain.

By the way, as well as understanding why these eMails are not being sent, I’m also curious to know if there is a way to manually resend a digest eMail to a particular contact. I basically want to get their attention again, via Discourse, since it appears nothing is doing so at this point (though it should, according to their settings).

I’ve had this happen too, users seem to stop receiving emails even though they don’t remember making any changes to their preferences.

Thank you, Edward. In my case, it’s not just that they don’t remember making any changes (I’d accept they may have simply forgotten) but when I look at their profile it explicitly states that they are set to be sent eMails on a daily basis. So I am clueless about why they are not being sent, especially since they are being sent to my others as expected.

Only have a small set of users so far but I can see this being an ongoing issue as my membership grows. The eMails do seem to be playing an important role in getting folks back to my forum and engaged, since where eMails are being sent I see good numbers. But when they are not…not so good.

I’d love to figure out why they are not being sent or, at the very least, know a way I can manually resend to these users until I figure out why they are not being sent automatically.

Thanks again.