Missing theme-javascripts assets (http 404) on 2.8 stable

We run into an error where the theme-javascripts seems to be missing:

$ curl https://mydomain.com | grep "theme-javascript"
<script src="/theme-javascripts/ff7f780a40bfd1e31a2cdc99c7dbc616f619d7d9.js?__ws=mydomain.com"></script>
<script src="/theme-javascripts/1bb8395b8d8d9daecdbef830d8c9418b93a7b5f9.js?__ws=mydomain.com"></script>

But when we try to access these files (in a browser with a logged in user) we get an 404 error:

Hoppla! Diese Seite existiert nicht oder ist privat.

When we check the javascript-cache, the files exist:

$ find /var/www/discourse/tmp/javascript-cache -iname 'ff7f780a40bfd1e31a2cdc99c7dbc616f619d7d9*'

The current workaround is to edit the custom theme by changing and saving the theme.
After 1-2 days, the problem occurs again.

We’d appreciate any help for further investigation.


What version of Discourse are you running? We fixed a similar-sounding issue back in February:


We are using V2.8.0. Which version contains the mentioned fix?

This fix is only in 2.9.0 (beta). I’ll see whether we can get it backported to stable since it’s a relatively simple fix: (PR here)

Edit: that’s merged into the stable branch @dmorlock. So if you run an upgrade (via the console, or via /admin/upgrade, the issue should be resolved.


We just updated to the stable branch and are currently testing whether this fixed our issue.

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