Missing total numbers in admin stats view

See this screenshot of a weekly stats:

Signups and New Contributors have no numbers for the total where the other items have that. Even if the total is 0, it should be shown.

This is a bit of an edge case. We consider changes between -2 and +2 to be insignificant. If the change for the period is in that range, you’ll still get the chart but not the trend indicator.


What about showing the plain number without the trend indicator?

The bit you quoted could have a situation where the number is higher, like 79 or whatever and yet it’s still not showing any number. Surely someone wouldn’t bother adding up all the numbers in the chart. The plain sum is not itself the trend.

If you click on the title of each trend chart, it takes you to a report with the cold, hard numbers. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It still seems trivial and sensible to still show the sum. Just would need to make the hiding command affect only the up/down trend part of the view. Minor quibble I’ll admit.