Missing /var/discourse/app/views

I check /var/discourse/app/views and it seems not have this folder.

I run command: ls -d /var/discourse/*

And it show only some directories:

/var/discourse# ls -d /var/discourse/*
/var/discourse/bin         /var/discourse/discourse-doctor  /var/discourse/launcher   /var/discourse/samples  /var/discourse/templates
/var/discourse/cids        /var/discourse/discourse-setup   /var/discourse/LICENSE    /var/discourse/scripts  /var/discourse/Vagrantfile
/var/discourse/containers  /var/discourse/image             /var/discourse/README.md  /var/discourse/shared

How to fix this?

That folder is inside the container.

@zogstrip Thank you but that folder not inside /var/discourse/containers

:/var/discourse/containers# ls -d /var/discourse/containers/*

I meant inside the docker container (which you can get into by running ./launcher enter app) not inside the containers folder.


You don’t want to fix it. You can find it inside the container, but that’s not what you want. If you need to change anything there you need to develop a plugin.


Thank you for your support!