Missing . / launcher and app . yml


So…our Discourse server was spun up a few years ago by [we have no clue]. It is hosted on a Docker container. For all intents and purposes, it works. However, email is set to a deprecated address. I was unable to find any “Containers” folder or “app . yml” file in / var / www / discourse but was able to find “discourse . conf” in / var / www / discourse / config, which looks exactly like the “app . yml” file:

hostname = 'discourse . domain . com'
smtp_user_name = 'serviceUser @ domain . com'
smtp_address = 'smtp . gmail . com'
db_socket = '/ var / run / postgresql'
developer_emails = 'serviceUser @ domain . com'
smtp_port = '587'
smtp_password = 'pwd'
db_host = ''
db_port = ''
smtp_enable_start_tls = 'true'
force_https = 'true'

I updated the username, developer email, and password and attempted to run the command: . / launcher rebuild app. I received an error message: “bash: . / launcher: No such file or directory.” Of course, the email change did not take affect and discourse . domain . com / admin / emails still had the old information.

However, I ran updates, which rebuilt the app and suddenly the email change had taken affect. But…the success was short-lived because I rebooted the machine, which went to the old config with the old email info.

I thought I would be smart and make the changes again, commit the running instance to a new local Docker image, stop the running instance, and run the new image. That did not work because the / etc / runit / folder / anacron script errors out with “can’t chdir to / var / spool / anacron”. So…I am back to square one and ready to pull out the TNT.


  1. Has anyone heard of a missing . / launcher or “Containers” folder and if so, what did you do to fix the issue?
  2. Am I better off rebuilding the whole thing and if so, can you point me to the KB with instructions on building a new discourse server and uploading backed up data?

Please let me know what further information you may need and thank you in advance.

D. Lasa

it is not missing, it just depends where you looking for it. It sounds like you inside the docker. the stuff you looking for is outside the docker.

well, it will depend on your requirements and how the prev install was done.

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Are you sure docker is installed on the server? What’s the result of docker ps

Yep…that’s it. I did look outside the instance, on the host but still couldn’t find what was needed. I went back after this and started going through the root directory folders that I don’t normally see and boom…for some reason, instead of following directions, the creator put everything in a completely different folder naming convention and structure.

I found it and it’s all good now. Thank you!!

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