Mixed up info in review queue

When approving new users, I’ve been seeing mixed up info in the review queue. Here’s the latest example. All regular fields refer to the user that signed up before this new member. As the green checkmark shows, that user (a test user) had already been approved, so it shouldn’t appear in the review queue. The custom user fields though have information the actual new user entered during registration.

In Admin > Users > New I can properly see the new user and approve her.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Can we repro this @tshenry?

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So… I was able to repro once on my test site that has had prior testing activity, but I haven’t been been able to repro again. Very frustrating!

@tomtjes can you provide consistent reproduction steps by chance? I’m wondering if handling a user once will kind of “flush” the system so to speak and get things back to normal.

Here’s one set of steps that I tried for example:

  1. must approve users site setting enabled, and at least one custom user field in place
  2. Sign up first user
    • email: email1@test.com
    • username: user1
    • name: User One
    • user field: test1
  3. Approve first user
  4. Delete first user
  5. Sign up second user
    • email: email2@test.com
    • username: user2
    • name: User Two
    • user field: test2
  6. Sign up third user
    • email: email1@test.com (reused since original account was deleted)
    • username: user3
    • name: User Three
    • user field: test3
  7. Check for the issue
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Thanks for looking into this!
Unfortunately, I haven’t found a pattern that could be reproduced. It happened before. At that time, it involved a bot that wanted to create an account, but was declined by me. The next legit user who registered had garbled data. Following registrations were fine until the case that I documented above. As far as I remember that case was not preceded by a declined registration.

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