Mobile App auth - doesn't work

Hi everyone,

What’s the auth source for the mobile app? I assume a discourse URL, except it doesn’t work, generic “incorrect password”. Setup a demo, added users but nobody could auth on the mobile app? Maybe it’s not available for demo accounts? I need to “turn on” something on the UI?


Which “mobile app” are you talking about? Can you link the Play Store or App Store record?


Sure, below:

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Ah Discourse Hub … that’s an important detail :slight_smile:

I’ve just updated to latest version of the hub app and was able to login via my Discord Login to one of my sites.

When you say “Auth” which provider are you referring to?

If you haven’t set up an external auth provider, the credentials source should be just the normal local username and password you’d enter on the website.

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Thank you - figured it out. Thanks

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