Mobile CSS customisation not working?

Good day everyone,
I have been editing the CSS of the regular browser version of Discourse without any issues :slight_smile: and the CSS editor is by far the best I’ve seen, so thanks for that!

These changes did not apply to the mobile version, though.
With that one, if I use the inspector/dev tools I can edit everything and the results show in the browser, but once I put the changes in the discourse CSS editor, NOTHING I’ve saved for the mobile version (I guess it’s the “smartphone icon” to the right?) changes in the actual page.

I could not find any relevant info… so I was wondering: how do I get to edit the CSS for the mobile version?
I have done quite a lot of editing (custom fonts, etc.) so I would really, really need to get it to change…
Thanks in advance for the help!

Click the mobile icon on the right to switch to editing mobile CSS/HTML :wink:

Thanks! I actually guessed it was that one, but wasn’t 100% sure… then I realised what had happened: for some reason, Chrome was not allowing me to actually save the CSS changes (weird thing).
I switched to firefox, and the problem was solved :slight_smile: