Issues with editing custom CSS over mobile

I tried editing some CSS in response to the “Last Visit” line appearing in mobile. I was away from my keyboard at the time and wanted to edit the CSS on the fly while I was out. I wasn’t able to edit it due to some issues in the editor. It works flawlessly on desktop, but customization via mobile seems like it could use a little love…

Using an android 6p over the latest chrome:

  • could not select text from CSS sheet to copy (start + end pins not appearing, long press doesn’t work, and doubleclicking selects inner text, but no pins appear).
  • could not scroll on CSS sheet - dragging a finger across the CSS styles scrolled the entire page, rather than the CSS part. This made it impossible to edit any content further down in the stylesheet.

Admin is not really supported on mobile.

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Now we have also given a little :heart: to the admin dashboard on mobile version at least for urgent edits.