Mobile Indicators for Who’s Online

This could probably be an option for people who don’t want it.

Pretty much if Discourse detects a mobile client, on top of the green ring the user has a green mobile icon.

This wouldn’t replace the flairs, maybe put the icon wherever the user doesn’t have a flair?
It would default to the bottom right, which is a normal flair icon.

Why? Why would anyone been interested on used devices?

Admin gets amounts from statistics.

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I’m looking at this mainly for bug reports.

Say you’re running a community for a game that’s on multiple platforms.

A new user comes in and has no idea what to do, and gives info about a bug report but not what platform this happened on

There would be a phone icon next to them, so you would know the issue is probably on your mobile app.

It’s a pretty obscure issue but I have run into it in the past. This would help for users who come to report a bug and then never come back to respond what platform it is.


  • an user must be online at same time
  • you (or who ever now is aswering/doing unbugging) can’t ask, even just knowing someone is using mobile doesn’t tell much
  • that must be shown to all another users and increasing noise at same time

Sorry, I still don’t understand point of that. And my profile tells it right away:


To me this seems like something that would add too much clutter, if you want to effectively get bug reports why not simply ask the user what device they’re on, or simply follow the method @Jagster suggested.

I did just remember the clients page exists.

But in that case, I have push notifications on and I’m watching all topics for the bugs category, so I’m going to know instantly.

Also the timeout is 5 minutes, so I have plenty of time to know.

You are so sure that user will be there too. But still — you don’t give any real and useful reasons for creating another option more :wink:

Could someone code a plugin for that?

(Sorry I’m nagging, but with that you will pollute users’s environment too)

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As I said this could be an option.