The "useless" feature, "Who's Online" simplified?

My members are talking, on a forum that’s been up and running for over a year, HERE, and they really want a green dot to show who is online. I’ve scoured the Meta, and yeah, I get it. It’s a plugin.

But I say, no green dot, a plugin that will break with new updates, and I’ve asked if they would be happy if their user name was green, to denote being online.

They were ecstatic. Anyway to denote who’s online when they are online. I came up with the non-invasive solution. A simple color change to the username when online, colors customizable from the dashboard, It seems doable from CSS, but I haven’t figured out how to poll the message bus for just connection status. We don’t care about lurkers, we have our stats in the dash, so no need to replicate anything. This should be a simple plugin for if you are connected, your UN glows green. Well, the glowing would just be a nice touch…

Any thoughts on how to further this plugin?


If it’s not something you or someone you know can develop, your best bet would be the #marketplace.


Another plan, if you have the budget for it, is to sign up for a business or enterprise hosting plan – we weight these requests more heavily when they come from a hosted customer.