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Continuing the discussion from Discourse 2.2.0.beta3 Release Notes:

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Recently Used Devices is a really useful new insight into how users are using one’s site, thank you.

Any plans to aggregate this data somehow and present some stats on Dashboard?:

  • count of mobile visits versus desktop stat would be really nice there
  • count of users only on mobile would be another nice stat …

Also it raises the possibility of also showing estimated Location stats natively in Discourse core … also as a Dashboard feature showing anonymous geographical spread? … or one exposed publicly …


Yeah, trying to reply to a closed topic will do that :smiley:.

I do not believe there are currently plans to expose this. While interesting stats, that is orthogonal to the intent of this feature, which is improved user security. Future plans that I’ve seen discussed (no promises) include an admin report for “suspicious” user logins, and user email when a login is detected from a new location (you likely already get similar emails for services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Note that the planned suspicious login report will be independent of the current “suspect” user report, which is for users who customized their profile without minimal read time.


Understood. The focus on security is very much appreciated!

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@merefield @jomaxro Can settings like this be adjusted to be shown to moderators? How about based on trust level or groups?