Mobile keyboard hides composer using Microsoft Edge on Android

Recently I updated my Microsoft Edge browser to v101, and I find that the keyboard will hide the composer so that I cannot see what I am typing. This problem occurs on Edge higher than v101.0.1210.53. I can reproduce it on Meta, but I cannot know what’s wrong and how to fix.


Firefox on android is affected.

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Interesting, I can reproduce this via BrowserStack on Firefox for Android 96.1.1, both here on meta and on a separate site that has last been deployed about a month ago.

Can you repro @Falco @Dax? If you can check both Edge and Firefox for Android, it would be great.

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No repro on Edge v. 101.0.1210.53

No repro on Firefox v. 100.3.0 (Build #2015881499)

EDIT: I can repro the issue on Firefox if I open the keyboard when I’m at the very bottom of the page


I can not replicate on Edge or Firefox using Moto G50

Even when trying

Tested on Meta and local dev.


Can reproduce on and other forums.

Here’s an example of me replicating this bug (on


I have this problem, too (using Edge on Android). This essentially makes discourse unusable on mobile.


Hey @lassoan If you scroll up slightly, the composer takes the screen and you can use it as normal so it doesn’t necessarily make it useless, it just makes it a nuisance.

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For me it is not just a nuisance. I cannot make the editor and the keyboard appear at the same time. No matter where I scroll, the keyboard always occludes the editor. I need to type completely blind.


I have a proposed fix up at FIX: Better virtual keyboard detect on Android by xfalcox · Pull Request #17200 · discourse/discourse · GitHub but there is a upstream Chromium bug that I need to wait to be fixed before merging it.


I notice the Chromium bug has been fixed. May this PR be merged? :laughing:


They merged the fix indeed, but it may take several weeks until the fix is on users browsers. Waiting for a confirmation on that.

Fix is included in Chrome 105 (current Canary), to be released as Stable on Aug 30.

Looks like we will have to wait quite a bit on this one.


That was backported to 104 by the chromium team, and it releases today. We should able to ship this in a month or so now.


We got several reports on from people using Firefox Android who are unable to use the site (reply) on mobile.

What’s the status of this issue? Is there any help needed?

Is the problem that discourse is optimized for a chrome bug and breaks for every other browser?

Any known workarounds?

I suspect for certain communities is preferable to work on open source browsers first.


Fix is ready and I plan to merge it early this week

We only support Chrome on Android, but the issue here comes from a bug in Firefox implementation of the Visual Viewport API, where it doesn’t update the values when a keyboard pops on the screen, and also on the lack of support for the Virtual Keyboard API in Firefox.

Even with Firefox Android having those bugs, lacking newer APIs, and not being a officially supported browser we spent quite a bit of time on the above PR, which should work around this issue.


Thanks for that. Do you know if mozilla is tracking these issues somewhere?

I’m surprised they don’t get attention when mozilla is using also discourse for the community forums :sweat_smile:

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I just merged my fix here. It should 100% fix the OP bug on MS Edge on Android.

While for Firefox Android, since they don’t have support for VirtualKeyboard API | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc I had to implement a hack around it so it may not be 100% and necessitate a follow up fix.


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