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Hi all,

If I set up different categories, can I allow people to post freely in some but moderate the content before goes live in others?

If I set the category to Watching it will notify me of new posts but i won’t be able to moderate them before going life.

I’ve read somewhere that this might be done in the trust levels but I want to moderate by categories, not users.

Since I am asking about moderating. Sometimes in the past we had problems with some posts and had to check all the posts from specific users. Can this be done and how?


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This isn’t possible to do on the category level yet. I moved your topic to #feature so you can track this as a feature request.

You can lock this user’s trust level to 0 or whatever TL you’ve set for approve unless trust leveland approve new topics unless trust level.


There has been a similar feature request for which I had a UI mockup,

I held off working on it when the discussion of balancing moderation power vs end-user experience came to light. I will revisit this in the coming week(s).


It sounds like a request for having content marked Pending Approval, which exists now.

More details in this tag: #approval

Thanks for letting me know.

What I see in the discussion discussion of balancing moderation power vs end-user experience is interesting and gives us hope.
This is a feature that I say every forum software should have. I believe in flow of posts and user power but sometimes content needs to be moderated. In our case, we do not want certain institutions or individuals working there mentioned and one of the reasons is to avoid any type of litigation.
The reason to not to check all posts in all categories prior to publishing is trust on the user. In some areas, posts go live and moderated after, and some where naming is more likely to occur, are moderated before.

Thanks for the work and looking forward to see what happens with that feature.

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