Moderation group limited 3 users

Hi there,
i would like to add more users to my moderation group. Apparently its limited to 3 users. I heard this is normal on a free plan.
I moved discourse recently to self hosted. So is the size of my moderation group still limited? If not, how do i remove the limit from my instance?

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Not sure on paid hosting.

You could likely upgrade tier.

Another option is you could enable a Sub Moderator Option in your Categories setting called Moderation and allow a Group to mabage Flags.

They won’t have higher Mod Functions but can addressed flagged posts.

If you are self hosted you shouldn’t have a limit. What kind of error are you seeing when trying to add more moderators?


Good catch missed he said he went to self hosted. So yeah no limits there.

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Oh my bad, I was trying to add users to the group straight from the group page.
Meanwhile I figured out I have to make them moderators from their user options.

Thanks for response.
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