Which moderator approved a post

As a moderator/admin, is there any easy way to tell which other moderator approved a submission in a topic that requires topic-approval? The “moderation history” doesn’t show anything.

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Yes there is. Go to your staff action logs.

https://forums.wyze.com/admin/logs then you can see who approved or rejected a post.


Thanks. I should have thought of that!

One issue I encounter with the Logs page. The links to the original posts seem to be coded in such a way that the link can’t be copied, nor can it be opened in a new tab. Nor are they marked as read in my browser. Therefore, if I’m scrolled a ways down the log entry list, after viewing an original post, I have to find my place in the list again since “back” in the browser returns to the top of the list.

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I’m not sure why they aren’t linked, but a short-term solution is to use a separate browser tab.

Also, if you go to your Review queue, click Approved in the Status dropdown, and then select a date range close to the post approval, does that show the post for you?


Thanks for the response.

Neither of these work for me (although I may be missing something). Let me provide more info:

  1. Review Queue Search: I can find the approved topics easily with the review queue. And I can see who approved it. However, I cannot link to the original post from there. Therefore, I cannot see what edits may have been done and if the post was immediately merged (which many are). Here’s an example of what a post looks like when found by searching the review queue:

Here’s what the original (merged) topic looks like (only able to be found by browsing the logs):

(FYI, my browser is set to color viewed links as pink)

So, I can’t get from the former to the latter directly.

  1. System Logs: Using a separate browser tab doesn’t work with the logs because while clicking the Post ID number does take you to the post, it does not behave like a normal HTML link. Instead, it replaces the current browser tab with target topic. The normal methods I could use to open it in a new tab (Command-Clicking it, right-click and “open in new tab”, or copy/paste into a new tab’s URL field) do not work. Also, hovering over these “links” do not reveal the URL at the bottom of the browser window as do normal tabs.

The above is all in Safari. I also tried Chrome. In Chrome, I do have the options to open link in new tab and to copy the link address and then paste it into a new tab. But both of these actions result in returning to the Log, not in opening the target topic.

Seems like something is quite unusual about how these links are HTML coded.

I hope I explained well enough what I’m seeing. Thanks.

  1. In the review queue, Queued Topics that were approved do not include a linked title to the resulting topic. I believe this would need to be a feature request since it looks like none of the required information is exposed. (cc @eviltrout if you have thoughts on this)

  2. You are correct, the links are non-standard:

    <a href="" data-link-post-id="3172">3172</a>

    There is event handling tied to the link element that routes you to the specific post. Unfortunately as it stands, you won’t be able to open it in a new tab.

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It would be great if both of these could be turned into feature/change requests. :slight_smile:

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