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For user interface i really love discourse.

There are a few situations where I would appreciate a more robust set of modding tools.

When a user flags a post it would be handy as a mod to have a reply option to the flagger that would reference the flag so they know what I am talking about. As an example I sent this message out this am. It would be handy to have been able to generate a response to the flag straight from the flag notification page. I would also love to see a bcc option so that when I am generating a pm to a user and want my team to be in on the communication I could bcc it or generate a post in the moderation area that would keep the team appraised of activity. Other wise I am cutting and pasting to get the info spread around.


Thank you for flagging this post. We count on members helping us stay on top of forum activity!

In this case we were aware of the hard sell post he left.

Forum policy is that so long as a commercial post such as this
relates directly and legitimately to the thread topic, it may stand.
After all anyone who doesn’t like his stands can also post about it and
that sort of conversation is valuable to those considering stand

Overuse or abuse will be dealt with differently in the case of any
commercial account, so your instinct to make sure we knew about this was
a good one. We don’t want the forums to be spammed by commercial



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It’s already in place. If a user flag a post as “Something Else”, you can reply to him in the flag admin panel.

I assume you want this: User Notes Plugin

Discourse have a badge to deliver this kind of message:


Hi Erick,

Please check out this discussion on the topic. I think they described the issue better than I did.

Is there a sandbox forum where I could play with a couple of user profiles to test how your suggestions work?


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I replied there :slight_smile:

Setting up a dev environment:

I believe you can find more guides for setting up docker container in your desktop.

Or open a droplet on DigitalOcean, when you want to test something, started it.

I know many set up a dev instance for testing before putting customization and plugins to production. But I don’t really know which is best for you :frowning: