Moderator can't log in to our forums

In our Discourse website(Public Site) some of the moderators are unable to login.
When we analyzed this issue, we were able to identify the error message which said: the ip address is blocked from being accessed.
On further analysis, Discourse has out of box functionality, which runs background jobs that identifies banned ip addresses from the same subnet and if it reaches the threshold, it bans the entire subnet.
The threshold is identified by admin setting : min_ban_entries_for_roll_up which is set to 100 in our production environment.(Which is being reached in a short span of time)
So could anyone please suggest a optimal value for this threshold setting.

do you have MaxMind setup ?

If you have your site behind a CDN, you need to beware that many users may appear to the system as coming from the same IP address. If using cloudflare, there’s an alternative config file which sorts this out. Perhaps see

or How do I reveal real IPs using CloudFlare

I see I’ve set that to 999 - which isn’t infinite, but I don’t have a large site (or a spam problem)